FYI hippies, There
Ain't no Electric



Photo By: Adrian Dorobantu

american muscle

Made In the USA!

You know what we're talking about, good ol` American Hot Rods! Even if you prefer a Ford to a Chevy, Mopar or no car, if you're a gear head then you damn sure appreciate the power and elegance of these classic automobiles.

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Photo By: Hooker Yachts

Boats Run on 


Apart from a trolling motor you aren't going to see any real fisherman using green tech to get them to the fishing hole or god forbid, the gulf stream. Shoot, I'll say it, the ocean isn't a place for anyone with a man bun. Sorry, AOC you can dye the whole world green but in this century, you will never be able stop folks from using gasoline.

Gas Rules is exciting to be affiliated with Hooker Yachts, South Florida's Premier Luxury Marine Brokerage!

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Why we love gas!

Gas Powered Vehicles will always be better than electric, Period. However, if you really need some highlights to burst your brother-in-laws green bubble, here you go!


Can you even imagine NASCAR without sound? NO!

Fuel Up & Go!

Until EVs can go 1 week without charging, case closed!

Timeless Style!

"They just don't make them like `em like they use to!"

True Freedom!

"Son, how you gonna charge them batteries in the wood?"

they ain't old, they vintage!



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