Post 1: Tesla-Icing!
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Post 1: Tesla-Icing!

Unlike hippies and soy boys with their man buns and new fangled tinker toys, here at Gas Rules we get straight to the point. The point of this post in simple, to tell you how this site got started.

Maybe this was an April Fools joke, maybe it was real (I hope it was) but as I'm sitting on the king's chair doing my morning constitutional, I was cracking up. This was frickin` awesome!

So, I'm drinking my second cup of java (Maxwell's finest btw - no Suckbucks here) and I'm thinking "we need a web site dedicated to "Real Machines". God damn gas guzzling, smoke spewing, noice makers, mother .. you get the gist and thank you kindly for checking us out.

Now join us, talk shop, show off your prize polluter and let's tell the communist to shove their carbon tax.

Now Fire em' Up! : )
The Gas Man ~

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